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The goal of DIANETICS by L. Ron Hubbard

A world without insanity, without criminals and without war – this is the goal of Dianetics.

For thousands of years man has struggled forward with his conquest of the material universe but he has known almost nothing about his most important weapon, his most valuable possession, the human mind. Despite this obstacle of ignorance he has made progress, but because of this obstacle he has accumulated unto himself not only the penalties of madness and disease but more important, the threat of destruction for all his works – modern war.

Dianetics is the science of thought. The scope of Dianetics includes all valid data pertaining to thought. Far simpler than man supposed, the workings of the human mind and knowledge itself became, in Dianetics, a body of knowledge with which any reasonably intelligent individual can work.

No civilization can progress to the stability of continuous survival without certain and sure command of knowledge such as that contained in Dianetics. For Dianetics, skillfully used, can do exactly what it claims. It can, in the realm of the individual, prevent or alleviate insanity, neurosis, compulsions and obsessions and it can bring about physical well-being, removing the basic cause of some seventy percent of man’s illnesses. It can, in the field of the family, bring about better accord and harmony. It can, in the field of nations or smaller groups such as those of industry, improve management to a point where these pitifully inadequate ideologies for which men fight and die with such frightening earnestness, can be laid aside in favor of a workable technology.

Dianetics is pervasive. Human behavior and human thought are the foundation of human endeavor. Once one has an answer to these basic riddles there is almost nothing which will not eventually resolve.

But Dianetics is also, to some, a strange and frightening thing. It invades and enlightens so many fields and activities that it cannot but search out and expose those who profit by ignorance and suppression and whose sole importance rests upon their ability to control other human beings. Where is the revolutionary leader who, by teachings of hate and prejudice, would unseat a government when his troops suddenly understand that the ideology he preaches is ancient and passé? Where is the society which existed to “cure” (but did not) some dread disease which Dianetics can nullify with ease? Where will such a society get more funds? And what of the practitioner who has devoted years to the study of methods and theories which are suddenly shown to be obsolete and even harmful?

The sudden appearance of Dianetics upon a stage of conflicting ignorances about insanity, illness, hate and war is dismaying indeed to those whose profit lies in conflict. After every war there are countless generals listed amongst the unemployed. Dianetics could be said to be the beginning of the end of man’s war with darkness and ignorance about his own mind – and many “generals” see their stars begin to fade.

And what does a field which has had for its fodder only random observation do when into it are injected natural laws, demonstrably stable and accurate? One cannot quarrel with natural laws. At least the physical scientist – tamed some centuries since, unlike his fellows in the “humanities” – has learned to accept the evidence of his senses. But the “scientist” in the “humanities” has never been educated into logic, mathematics or even scientific methodology. He is a pretender on the fringe of the physical sciences, hoping to borrow some glory first begun by Newton1.

Thus Dianetics has been beset to some degree by the many infamous pretenders and their respective bottles of Indian Swamp Root Oil2. The selling of these bottles was remunerative, astonishingly so. And their vendors would not quietly quit their stands in any case.

Perhaps our present generation is too benighted3 for a new science. It would be very sad if it were true, for atom bombs are quite destructive to people and to towns and might well obliterate whole cultures. Perhaps the vendors of crackpot ideologies and destructive therapies are too rich and too powerful and too selfish to permit a ray of hope upon our generation’s stage. Perhaps it will be tomorrow – if tomorrow is let come – before Dianetics is used and widely applied.

Dianetics was asked to vindicate itself in 1950. It did. This was very tolerant of Dianetics for no existing “ology” pertaining to the human mind has ever been validated or has been called upon to validate itself. The entrenched therapies, flatly, do not work. Their results are much the same as those which would have been achieved had no work been done. What sort of a society is this in which we live where pretense is accepted as validity against all opposing facts?

Dianetics works. None who have spent any time around the Foundation can doubt that. It even works in relatively unskilled hands. Daily, it does its miracles. And this is not very strange, for Dianetics is root knowledge of human activity.

But Dianetics is not a psychotherapy and it is not psychosomatic medicine. Those who want and need these things find Dianetics swiftly efficacious4 in these fields and so think of it as a psychotherapy. Those whose “field” it invades would love to have it outlawed before their boxes of beautiful “Snake Root Oil” have been discredited.

Preventative Dianetics means more for humanity in the long run than Dianetic Processing. Group Dianetics5 means more for these war-torn societies than any number of arthritis cures.

Dianetics is the basic science of human thought. It embraces human activity and arranges a body of hitherto uncoordinated knowledge.

Dianetics has a basic goal, a good goal, a goal which should not be discounted or thrown aside because some quack will lose his income or because some revolutionary will lose his crackpot cause. The goal of Dianetics is a sane world – a world without insanity, without criminals and without war. If our generations live to write history, let them sadly give a page to those who, in this chaotic and dark age, sought, through personal profit and through hate, to bring a truly humanitarian science down.

The goal of Dianetics is sanity. It would be stopped only by the insane.

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        L. Ron Hubbard

1. Newton: Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), English philosopher and mathematician. Formulator of the law of gravitation. He was known as the greatest scientist of his time.

2. Indian Swamp Root Oil: made-up name for a particular brand of “snake oil,” a liquid concoction of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative.

3. benighted: intellectually or morally ignorant; unenlightened.

4. efficacious: capable of having the desired result or effect; effective as a means, measure, remedy, etc.

5. Group Dianetics: a theory explaining the observed behavior of people as groups, with corollary deductions on methods of improving that behavior in terms of the dynamics. It is not a method of processing a number of individuals at the same time, but deals with the interrelationship of those individuals as a group.

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The goal of DIANETICS by L. Ron Hubbard
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